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  1. Sam Mayo - I'm Going to Sing a Song (CDR33) Sam Mayo, billed as "The Immobile One" performed his songs whilst remaining motionless on stage. Sam Mayo's songs are quite different from the normal run of music hall performances.
  2. I'm going to sing a song to you this evening I've been a lovely singer since my birth When you hear my pretty notes a-ringing You'll say I have the finest voice on earth Before the King I once appeared When I sang he loudly cheered. Chorus: He sent for me, and said, 'You are a marvel At singing you have really got the knack.' Then from his tie he took a diamond scarf-pin And smiled at me, and.
  3. I'm Frightened - And Why: I'm Going To Sing A Song: Kind Friends: Listen To Me And I'll Prove That I'm Right: Most Miserable Man On Earth, The: My London Gal: Night Began To Fall, The: Night Watchman, The: Policeman, The: Poor Old Pa! Pushing Young Man, The: Put That Gramophone Record On.
  4. Aug 27,  · MAYO SONG ; Taking Sam Back Home To Mayo In the year of our Lord two zero one three Mayo folk went marchin' to Croker. In the red .
  5. The Sam Song, Lyrics And Chords This ballad was written by singer / songwriter Gerry O Glacain from The Irish Brigade ballad group [ songs ] and is about the I.R.A. [ Irish Republican Army ] who for a time used surface to air missiles S.A.M. to try shoot down British army helicopters in Northern Ireland.
  6. Well I have been a Provo now for 15 years or more with armalites and mortorbombs I thought I knew the score But now we have a weapon, we've never used before The Brits are looking worried - and their going to worry more! Tiocfaidh Ar La, sing Up the Ra SAM Missiles in the sky I started off with petrol bombs and throwing bricks and stones With a hundred more lads like me I never was alone But.
  7. I'll Sing Again Lyrics: I'm gonna sit right here all day and night / That's what I said, reckon you heard me right / Don't care about fame or fortune in the eyes of men / Just take what the law.
  8. Mar 10,  · I'll give you a hint your pretty much all wrong. I'll give you another hint. It was this quote that is resonsible for confusing the original from Casablanca, .
  9. Mar 30,  · THIS IS MY SONG is about being an introvert. Introverts can be social but most of the time they choose not to be. This is not a problem most of the time, but this song is about the times that get very lonely. I wrote and recorded this song in my home studio by myself and played all the instruments as well as shot the video and edited it by myself.

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